Aura Healing & Repair

Aura Healing & Repair

Aura Healing & Repair will help your body and energy to be healthy.

There are energy centres in our energetic body, these are known as ‘Chakras’. There are seven main centres from the head to the bottom of our bodies.

Each of these Chakras has a specific meaning; they are related to our emotions and govern our organs where the points are.

The Solar plexus Chakra, for example, represents our identity, self-esteem, inner power etc. You may have a stomach ache and think that it is the result of stress. It is likely, however, to be happening for an energetic reason that is the result of our emotional state.

Various influences such as our environment or negative thoughts can themselves become energetic clots and fog in our energy field. Thus, Aura Healing and Repair (including Reiki energy) will help, and will help us to regain the original state of energy field.

We also have a large auric energy field outside of our body. It is like the garden wall of a house which protects from invaders/attackers.

If our daily life is lived healthy and clean, with meditations etc, it is possible that our auric field will keep its original state.

However, if there is bad influence from our environment, or if we engage in self-damaging activities such as excessive drinking, smoking, taking drugs etc., the wall might have cracks/holes in it.

Aura Healing & Repair will heal these damages, which will help to prevent more damage and to maintain a healthier state.

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