Bach Flower Remedies Testimonials

Bach Flower Remedies Testimonials

Bach Flower Remedies

I had never heard of the Bach Remedy Treatment before, but now am really impressed by it. I had been upset about a long distance relationship for a few months now, but after taking the remedy I can feel my negative feelings being replaced with happiness and feelings of hope.

(London, British Male, 20’s, Student)

I was anxious and impatient for getting a new job. I started taking the Bach Flower Remedies before the interview. I was calmed, patient, and I guess, the interview went well.

(London, European Male, 30’s)

I’d been stuck and been feeling down about work, but I feel like a new person! The flower remedy combo has been perfect!

(London, British Female, 30’s, Therapist)

I had stress, anxiety from work and family issues. However, the Bach Flower Remedies helped me to feel so much better. 

(Spain, English Male, 60’s, Banker)

I’d been thinking of my ex-girlfriend for a long time, because of that I couldn’t have other relationships. But, I am gradually feeling better after taking the remedy so I already had 2 dates! 

(London, English Male, 30’s, Art director)

I’ve been having anxiety attacks and taking medication for a while. I wanted to cut down the medication. I feel better after I started taking the remedy. I didn’t need to take the pills for the anxiety the other day. Hope I can stop taking the medication.

(London, Asian Female, 30s, Therapist)

I had a traumatic relationship. The nightmare feeling sometimes came and went, but after the bach flower remedies treatment, I feel much better.

(London, Asian Male, 30’s,Designer)