Jikiden Reiki Healing

Jikiden Reiki Healing

About Jikiden Reiki Healing

The founder Mr Mikao Usui discovered Reiki on Mt Kurama in Kyoto, Japan.

Jikiden Reiki healing is original style of Reiki which is very warmth, gentle hands on healing.We practitioners use the life force energy or “Ki ” all around us. ( Ki in Japanese as well as Chi in Chinese/Prana in Indian.)

Reiki helps physically and mentally.It is also promotes spiritual awareness for inner harmony.

How it works

A practitioner searches for energy blockages, which are areas of the body that have the most toxins at that time. Jikiden Reiki Healing releases those energy blockages in the body and restores the natural flow of energy, which in turn helps blood flow on a physical level.

It is a powerful energy that works to detoxify the body and prevent illness of both mental and physical aspects to regain the original healthy state. The universe provides us with a gift of limitless energy, Reiki simply helps us attune ourselves to this.

Jikiden Reiki may support the following:

Relieve pain physically also emotionally, Anxiety, Stress related conditions,  Chronic fatigue, Grief, Depression, Addictions, To relax and promote sleep, Boost immune system

It can also:
Stimulate your mind to be more creative and open, Raise self-esteem, Giving warmth, Balance and peaceful energy, Grounding and Centering

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Western Reiki in comparison to Jikiden Reiki

The origin of Western Reiki
Hawayo Takata was a Japanese-American person living in Hawaii when doctors there declared that she was terminally ill and did not have long to live. She came to Japan for an operation, however she then met Dr Chujiro Hayashi who gave her Reiki treatment that her life changed. She cured her illness without operation. After which she went on to learn Reiki then returned to Hawai and established her own reiki clinic based on Western Reiki.

Reiki is now practiced by over 5,000,000 people worldwide as a technique for mind and body healing and personal development.

The origin of Jikiden Reiki
comes from the direct linage of Mr Usui. He only taught 20 apprentices. Dr Hayashi was one of them. Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, the co-founder of Jikiden Reiki took her first Reiki seminar from Chujiro Hayashi in Ishikawa, Japan, in 1938 at the age of 17.

Since then Jikiden Reiki remains the original powerful modality, and had not been manipulated. It is original, simple, beautiful authentic Japanese Reiki.


Each healing session is customised to your current need and there are also some example of customised sessions:

  • Mother and Baby ( Children ) 
  • Immune Booster 
  • Pain Relief 
  • Clear Mind 
  • Detox


**Jikiden Reiki is not take place of conventional medicines thus if you have any problem, to recommend to have check up.**