Jikiden Reiki Testimonials

Jikiden Reiki Testimonials

Jikiden Reiki 

I was suffering hay fever but I felt immediate sinus relief after seeing you, thank you. 

( London, Female, Actress)

I had sessions with Yumiko several times now. She is such a lovely person and made me feel comfortable while consultations. After we the session I always feel better, very relaxed and energised at same time. It’s different feeling from having massage.It’s like I just woke up from great deep sleep.

It was only a 30 min session, however I felt as if I’d slept for 2-3 hours, and felt very refreshed!

(London, Asian Female, Hair Dresser, 30’s)

The Reiki Massage was so good! I feel very refreshed!                                                                

(London, English Female, 40’s, Healer)

I’ve always had shoulder pains caused by work. These pains have gone, and this was a big load off my mind. I feel much better.                                                                                                               

(London, Asian Female, Hair stylist, 30’s)

I stopped having recurring nightmares that I used to have, then after the treatment I could sleep very well. 

(London, Asian Female, Performer, 30’s)

I felt as if I was physically asleep, but my mind had was still awake. It was a very interesting experience and felt I very relaxed. 

(London, British Male, Web designer, 20’s)

I was not sure about this energy-thing, but it was great and I was very relaxed!

(London, Asian Male, Office Worker, 30’s)

After having been in a plaster cast for 6 weeks with a broken wrist, I had a session of Reiki. I could feel the energy flowing back into my wrist and my fingers slowly twitching into action. It really helped get my wrist moving again.

(London, British Male, Creative Director,20s)

My eyes were very sore and painful, but after the treatment I was very relaxed and the pain is gone.

                 (London,English Female,Stylist,60s)