Negative Emotional Cord Cutting – Testimonial

Negative Emotional Cord Cutting – Testimonial

“During out last session I felt relaxed and the very calm. Though perhaps 30 minutes in I started to feel pressure around my head. This pressure intensified above my ears. It was not pleasant but bearable. The pressure headache staid with me for about three days. Then it disappeared. I also felt intensively tired. I did not understand the tiredness at first but when you mentioned it in an email it made sense. I try to sleep a lot and I think I am back to my regular schedule.

The first night I had dreams about some of the people that we had cut cords with, like my sister in law. More recently I have had to work with my mother. I am attempting not to have these cords re-established and so am trying to understand processes at work and let it all go. I think through this cycle of examining and letting go I have learnt a good deal. I feel now much better and calmer. I have taken every night a salt bath.

Probably I do not drink enough water but I will try to do so now.

Thank you Yumi.”

(London, Female, Curator)


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