Negative Emotional Cord Cutting – Testimonials

Negative Emotional Cord Cutting – Testimonials

“I have done 2 negative cords cutting sessions and one of reiki. She always clarifies in detail what she is going to do before to start and you can ask her everything you need.
During the cord cutting i felt as  lot of pressure or tickling in the area she was treating and i felt relief when she cut it. She always explain before to cut who is the person in connection with (brother,  sister, person you just met…)  and ask you if you want to cut it so it’s your choice. Coincidence or not.. ( I believe second one.. Lol) a week after these sessions i found a message or call for some of those people after long time without know about them..  It was when i realise i can deal with them in a easy way for me.

When she works with chakras i feel like cords squeezing and relaxing where these points are found, especially with the 3rd chakra when I can see and intense purple colour intermittently in the centre of my eyes. After that she cleanses your aura and gives you  tips on how keep it clean. At the end of the session I feel good but for a few days a little bit sensitive, I suppose is the consequence of the cleaning.

About Reiki session… I felt heat and changes in my breathing sometimes with shortness of breath due to blocking some chakras. She works on them and advises me to do some meditation.

Yumiko is a great professional, very friendly and even if you don’t have any knowledge about how these techniques work, your body talks when she does her job.

I’ll definitely  follow my sessions with her to try to maintain these changes in my energy to have a positive life.

Thanks Yumiko “

( London, Female 30’s Researcher )



“During my session I hang geometric visuals as well as a consistent Indigo colour. Both hands and arms felt as though they had electrical charges running through them for at least half the time in the session. When experiencing the cord cutting, I could feel a pushing a pulling feeling between my ears in my head.

I could sense the difference in energys between the two cords. After the session I felt light and energized. Now it has been a while after and I notice my relationship with one of the people the cord was attached two has become a lot more light and easy. The other cord was really interesting as after the healing I noticed a distance and between the person and I. And through detoxing baths and self healing, visualisation and meditations the distance grew stronger and only for the absolute benefit of my wellbeing.

It was a very powerful experience with you and I find the session continues to pop up throughout time and I can relay things back to before and now. Thank you ?”

(London, Female 20’s Chef )


“During out last session I felt relaxed and the very calm. Though perhaps 30 minutes in I started to feel pressure around my head. This pressure intensified above my ears. It was not pleasant but bearable. The pressure headache staid with me for about three days. Then it disappeared. I also felt intensively tired. I did not understand the tiredness at first but when you mentioned it in an email it made sense. I try to sleep a lot and I think I am back to my regular schedule.

The first night I had dreams about some of the people that we had cut cords with, like my sister in law. More recently I have had to work with my mother. I am attempting not to have these cords re-established and so am trying to understand processes at work and let it all go. I think through this cycle of examining and letting go I have learnt a good deal. I feel now much better and calmer. I have taken every night a salt bath.

Probably I do not drink enough water but I will try to do so now.

Thank you Yumi.”

(London, Female, Curator)


“I think the session helped me be more quiet, peaceful, focused.

During the session, I felt ok, some lowe back pain because of sitting too long on the chair, but apart from that I felt receptive. I felt some energies on the crown, and also my breathing was changing sometime because of stress release probably, so this was helpful.

After the session, I felt more in accpetation of my present situation, also I have me some friends that I realized we are not connected anymore, and felt the need to meet new people who would bring more joy, interaction in my life.

Also I attended a meditation cycle that will start soon. “

(European, Male, 30’s, Office Worker)


” For the cord cutting, she tuned into my energy field and quite quickly picked up a cord. She clearly explained it and what she said made a lot of sense. She was very focused and gentle in cutting the cord.

In the aura cleanse she cleared blockages and dark patches of energy in my aura. Afterwards she explained the chakra layers and what she picked up on each part of the aura. 

Overall, Yumi has a lovely energy; she is clear, focused and calming. “

( English, Female, 20’s, Educational Consultant )