Negative Emotional Cord Cutting

Negative Emotional Cord Cutting

The purpose of this session is to remove negative cords which are energetically connected to yourbody, and also to heal these parts. This helps you to regain your power.

You may have heard people say, for instance, that they feel attached to someone or vice versa. If it is a good relationship where there is an exchange of positive feelings this is fine. But if it is negative feelings that are occurring these become energetic cords attached to you, or cords from you to someone to whom you are attached, vice versa.

A negative energetic cord is like an invisible telephone cord which is sending negative energy to you or sucking your energy or likewise.

If you have had an experience, for example, where you feel sadness or anger suddenly or feel exhausted for no reason, the reason for this may be that somebody/people is sending you this negative energy or sucking your energy through the cord.

・Help to overcome to break up/past relationship(s)

・Help to stop being dependent/obsessed with others or likewise from others.

・Help to release an attachment to person/pet who died.

Our therapist finds each of the negative emotional cords needing to be cut. During a session the therapist will give you information about who the cords are related to and what type of emotions etc.